Membres Actifs

Diverses personnes physiques et morales collaborent activement à la réalisation des objectifs institutionnels.

Diversas personas jurídicas y naturales colaboran activamente en el cumplimiento de los objetivos institucionales.

Narda Goyzueta
Spécialiste et marketing, gestion commerciale et études de marché - Especialista en marketing, gestión comercial y estudios de mercado

Narda Goyzueta is a Peruvian market analyst expert in Marketing and Category Management. She studied Economics at the Universidad del Pacifico but also Marketing and Business Management at the Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola. She is now the head of ENC Apoyo Externo based in Lima, which is a company dedicated to market investigations and support to marketing and category management activities.

Wilmer Cesar Manay Mego
Spécialiste en mise en oeuvre de processus d’innovation sociale et de gestion des connaissances d’environnement minier - Especialista en la implementación de proceso de innovación social y gestión del conocimiento en entornos mineros

Wilmer Cesar Manay Mego (born January 25, 1983) is a Peruvian specialist in agriculture. He studied agricultural engineering at the Universidad Nacional Pedro Ruiz Gallo. He is a specialist in agricultural sciences with 10-year work experience. His fields of expertise are: local economic development, climatic change and agricultural politics in order to reduce the social inequality in the mining environment.  Wilmer Manay is very involved in the promotion of the regional development in Peru.

Patricia Flores Loayza
Manager de projets et animatrice de communauté - Gerente de proyectos y gestor de la comunidad

Patricia Flores (born September 10, 1982) is a Peruvian project and community manager. She studied Business and Communication at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru. Since 2014, Patricia Flores Loayza is very active in promoting The Chamber of Commerce and Tourism of Peru in Luxembourg – CCTPL as a writer, planner and designer. Patricia Flores has dual peruvian-luxembourgish citizenship and is cast to several films, ads, and tv spots.

Elizabeth Cordova
Consultante en affaires culturelles - Asesora en asuntos culturales

Elizabeth Córdova (born in October 31, 1972) is a Peruvian cultural affairs specialist, teacher and actress. She has a certificate in Education, specialization in Spanish Language and Literature from the Universidad Nacional of Trujillo and has a master’s degree in Educational Management from the Universidad Federico Villareal in Lima. She also studied acting in Peru 

She was a civil servant teacher during 13 years in Peru. Simultaneously to this career, she acted in theater and participated in several series and television programs. 

In 2009, she was appointed as the representative of the city of Ayacucho in the town twinning with the city of Cuautla in the Mexican state of Morelos. 

Currently, she works as Spanish teacher at the United Business Institute in Wiltz and in language center Prolingua in Luxembourg. She also performs in movies filmed in Luxembourg. 

She is member of the Committee on Culture and Committee on Music for the commune of Contern.  


Philippe Florentiny
Relations publiques et protocolaires - Relaciones públicas y protocolares

Philippe Florentiny (born June 24, 1968) is a French logistics specialist and insurer. He is currently Reservist at NSPA/NATO Luxembourg. He has a long experience in logistics and also worked as a life insurance agent. He studied Accounting and Business Administration at Ecole de Commerce et de Gestion de Luxembourg (Business and Management School) and holds a degree in insurance. Philippe Florentiny is a key organizer of the think tank "Cercle de Luxembourg" that regularly hosts forums and lunches with experts, diplomats and intellectuals from various backgrounds. Philippe Florentiny has dual french-luxembourgish citizenship and is also the Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce of Chile in Luxembourg.